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"Dr. Adams and his staff were absolutely wonderful and extremely helpful. I can't express enough the general care and concern taken by Dr. Adams in the conversation about general tooth health and up to date dental care. He expressed a passion for dental care, and took the time to settle any worries or concerns. The staff at his office stayed in complete contact with me and was extremely helpful with all communications."
~ Andrew C. 26th Sept, 2016
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"Great staff, Friendly service, very knowledgeable."
~ Sheila A. 14th Oct, 2016
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"They have cared for my teeth for 20+ years. Always warm and very trustworthy. I'd like to share my most recent visit, since it reflects the quality of care they have always provided. So my front tooth had a chipped bottom and my back tooth had a broken filling. First off, he fixed the broken filling without a problem. Next, Dr. Adams walked me through the options we had for the chipped tooth. I asked various questions to address my concerns. His explanations were comforting. For both my teeth issues, he gave me a full idea of what to expect. In the end, both teeth were cared for and function just fine now. No more worrying! I feel comfortable trusting him with caring for my teeth."
~ Google User: S. Angrisani
"Very positive experiences. Good, thoughtful care, effective treatment, clear communication about what to expect, minimal discomfort, great staff. Worked within my insurance limitations. Highly recommend Dr. Adams."
~ Anonymous
"I have had two visits so far and I will definitely continue with Dr. Adams. Overall experience was great on both accounts. Having a friendly staff and friendly Doctor made the experience pleasant."
~ Anonymous
"Dr. Adams has always been upbeat and friendly. He welcomes you in as if you were a part of the family. Great people! Make the pain of going to the dentist forgotten. I had to use another dentist for 4 years as my job’s dental plan didn’t include him, but as soon as I got a new plan, I was right back to Dr. Adams."
~ Anonymous
"I had been looking for a good dentist for years and Dr. Adams is an answer to my prayer! I could tell immediately that Dr. Adams is a skilled and talented practitioner by his feedback on the condition of my teeth and the high-tech equipment used in the office. It is apparent that he studied my x-rays, mouth impressions and did a thorough exam. I doubt if there is a better dentist in Sacramento or for miles around. The hygienist is first-rate. The best cleaning I’ve ever had. My teeth and gums will last forever as long as I can get my teeth cleaned by her! Everything in the office runs like a fine-tuned machine…minimal wait time [which is very important], courteous and respectful staff and the equipment new and clean. If you are looking for a dentist who cares, is friendly, doesn’t make you wait, and really knows how to make your teeth look great, don’t hesitate to go to Dr. Adams!"
~ Anonymous
"I have been a patient of Dr. Adams for many years and I have nothing but praise for him. He is professional, kind and up-to-date on all aspects of dental practice. He has bleached my teeth in the past (great job) and when I needed an emergency crown put in before a vacation trip to Africa, he made sure I got in and was ready to go with no problems. I would highly recommend Dr. Adams."
~ Anonymous
"Dr. Adams is absolutely fabulous with his patients. His interactions with children are very age appropriate and adds to the relaxed atmosphere in his office. His staff is always friendly and accommodating. Their scheduling is very flexible and open. Overall, I have had my expectations met and will continue to use his services as the best option for my family. Highly recommended. I was a military brat and had seen many dentists in my youth. I had a total fear of dentists since the age of 6. At the age of 18, I was in control of my life and decided for myself, I no longer needed regular dental care. At the age of 22, I found myself in pain and looking for a dentist, still being fearful, I would only commit to emergency dental care. Finally in 1985, I ran into Dr. Adams. I was still fearful and nervous in the beginning, but after a few visits, I became comfortable with Dr. Adams, his techniques, and thorough explanations. Since then I have had, fillings, extractions, root canals, crowns, bridges, and veneers. I still see Dr. Adams on a regular basis to keep my teeth healthy, and my smile happy, not embarrassing. For those of you looking for quality care and ease of anxiety, I truly recommend Dr. Adams as your full care provider. In addition, my son at 3 years of age, had seen Dr. Adams on an emergency basis after chipping his tooth. He has no fear of seeing a dentist. He has had shots, drilling and pulpotomy. Thanks Dr. Adams for all you have done! "
~ James D.
"I have been going to Dr. Adams for 13 years now, and I never want to go anywhere else. His practice is always clean, and makes you feel stress free. He has helped me keep my teeth clean and healthy. Dr. Adams cares about every one of his clients and there have been two different occurrences which he has helped me when his office was closed. He was there to help me from my aching pain!! I definitely recommend Dr. Adams to anyone if you are seeking clean, healthy, and beautiful teeth to last you a lifetime."
~ Anonymous
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Adams Dental Associates

"Very positive experiences. Good, thoughtful care, effective treatment, clear communication about what to expect, minimal discomfort, great staff. Worked within my insurance limitations. Highly recommend Dr. Adams."

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