You may not need an orthodontist to correct a bad bite in Sacramento

The appearance of your smile is important to your overall self-esteem. We understand, and we assist you in looking and feeling your best. If it is a bad bite, you may also be struggling with comfort, and functional speech and chewing, and maybe at an increased risk for further dental problems. Most people are aware that Invisalign is an excellent system for moving crooked teeth into alignment, but it may come as a surprise to know that you may be able to correct a bad bite without having to see a Sacramento orthodontist for metal braces.

Think you need a Sacramento orthodontist to correct that bad bite? Think again! See how Dr. Adams can help your smile with Invisalign. Call today.


Do you have a bad bite?

Ideally, when upper and lower teeth come together, the upper teeth will protrude slightly in front of the lower teeth. If this does not occur naturally, it is referred to as a “bad bite,” or malocclusion. A bad bite may be characterized as a cross-bite, under-bite, over-bite, or open-bite.


  • An open bite prevents the appropriate overlap of upper teeth over lowers ones.
  • An overbite is characterized by a more severe overlap, or noticeable protrusion of upper teeth.
  • When an under-bite is present, the upper teeth land behind the lower teeth when biting down.
  • If any upper teeth are overlapped by lower teeth, a cross-bite is present.


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Invisalign for malocclusion

We love being able to help our patients correct issues with malocclusion because we know that this can lead to better oral health for life, as well as to improved confidence. Invisalign has evolved as one of the most comfortable methods of straightening teeth, and as an excellent solution to a malocclusion. Most patients complete their course of treatment within about a year and a half.


There are numerous benefits to the Invisalign system. Discover what they are, and get moving toward a healthier smile now. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Kosta or Kristen Adams at (916) 999-1302.

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