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Drs. Kosta Adams and Kristen Adams of Sacramento, CA are dedicated professionals in the community who understand the importance of replacing missing teeth. The smile can be negatively impacted by the loss or extraction of one or more teeth, which is why tooth replacement options are discussed as soon as possible with our dental team. Patients who are interested in dental implants may want to ask about the benefits of these restorations with their dental team. Our dentists offer consultations where patients can learn about dental implants and other tooth restoration options available.

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What is a dental implant?

When replacing missing teeth, many patients are seeking a long-term, permanent solution to improve their smile. Drs. Kosta Adams and Kristen Adams of Adams Dental Associates are excited to offer dental implants for these needs. Our professionals describe dental implants as titanium posts. These small metal restorations are placed into the bone of the jaw to act as a tooth root replacement. Then, the dental implant is restored in several different ways. A single tooth replacement may be achieved by placing a dental crown over the abutment of the implant. The dental implant may also serve as an anchor for one or both sides of a dental bridge, replacing one or more teeth at once. For others, the stabilization of their full dentures is necessary, with dental implants used along the dental arch. The implants act as a foundation for the denture and allow patients to enjoy their favorite foods without worrying about their dentures falling out—especially in social situations.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

There are many reasons why dental implants may be more advantageous than alternative options, including dental bridges and partial or full dentures. Below are just a few of the benefits of dental implants for consideration:


  • Appearance. Dental implants are restorations that look entirely natural in the smile and are restored with porcelain made to match the existing teeth. This ensures seamless integration into the smile for many of our patients.
  • Improved speech. Missing teeth or poor-fitting dentures can make it difficult to speak clearly. With dental implants with or without full dentures, patients rest easy knowing they are easier to understand in social situations.
  • Longevity. Once placed and adequately cared for, dental implants can last a lifetime.
  • Efficient eating. With full dentures, patients may experience sliding, which can make chewing more difficult. Dental implants function just like natural teeth, allowing patients to enjoy their favorite foods without concern.
  • Comfort. Dental implants become a part of the smile and are not just a restoration that is taken in and out of the mouth. Because this restoration integrates into the bone of the jaw, patients can rest easily as they can eliminate discomfort often resulting from other removable replacements such as full dentures.
  • Self-confidence. Patients who have lived for long periods with an imperfect smile caused by tooth loss will be able to regain their confidence and improve their self-esteem with dental implants. Patients smile more and are often more social when they realize their smile looks beautiful and functions better than before!
  • Durability. Dental implants last a lifetime when cared for properly over the years. Their strength makes them an obvious choice for patients who want to invest in a long-term, permanent restoration.
  • Convenience. Removable dentures require a lot of attention and care, including the use of messy denture adhesives and soaking of the restorations to ensure they stay moist. Dental implants do not require removal or any special attention. They are brushed and floss just as the natural teeth are to keep them clean and ensure long-term placement.
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At Adams Dental Associates, our family treats patients like family as well! We focus on ensuring everyone has a pleasant experience at the dental practice, and offer some of the latest and most desirable services in the area of Sacramento, CA. If you live in the community and have considered dental implants for replacing missing teeth, we welcome you to book a consultation visit with our staff. Call (916) 999-1302 and visit us at 3 Scripps Drive, Ste. 200. Drs. Kosta Adams and Kristen Adams are committed to serving new and existing patients in the community with their smile restoration needs.

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