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Dental crowns and bridges are commonly used in dental practices near Sacramento, CA because they are perfect for restoring the smile. These restorations are made of ceramic and are fabricated to match the existing teeth so that they blend in perfectly to maintain the integrity and aesthetics of the smile. Drs. Kosta J. Adams and Kristen J. Adams can help patients determine if dental crowns and bridges are appropriate for their needs.

Dental Crowns And Bridges Near Sacramento CA: The best dentist who does crowns and bridges in Sacramento is none other than Dr. Kosta Adams. He provides the best service to the patients.


Dental crowns and bridges play an important part in dentistry.


Dental Crowns
Dental crowns, often referred to as “caps,” are porcelain restorations that are created to help protect the natural structure of a tooth. They are made to bond over the top of a prepared tooth that has been damaged to keep it from experiencing further problems, thus reducing the possibility of requiring a permanent extraction. Drs. Kosta J. Adams and Kristen J. Adams of the Sacramento, CA area fabricate these restorations based on the color and shape of the existing teeth to ensure they blend in with the smile and look completely natural.


Dental Bridges
When missing teeth become a problem, it is important for patients to speak to their dentists about replacement. Dental bridges are often considered for patients who want a more permanent solution than a removable denture but a less expensive option than dental implants. Dental bridges are made from dental crowns and false teeth called pontics bonded together and placed over the adjacent teeth. This helps “bridge the gap” and provide patients with a more beautiful smile even after tooth loss has occurred.

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Both dental bridges and dental crowns are made to specifications set forth by the dentists in our practice. They are fabricated through an outside laboratory by a professional ceramist who takes the impressions of the prepared teeth to make the new restorations. We use only quality professionals to create bridges, crowns, veneers, and other ceramic pieces to restore the smile to ensure the best results.
Drs. Kosta J. Adams and Kristen J. Adams of the Sacramento, CA area believe in offering their patients affordable, effective solutions to their dental care needs. Call them today to book a consultation appointment and educate yourself on the many ways in which dental crowns and bridges can repair a smile and make it more beautiful and effective.

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