Are Dental Veneers the solution for hiding imperfections in your teeth?

If you have unsightly imperfections in your teeth, take heart. You’re not alone. Very few people have absolutely perfect teeth. Fortunately, teeth imperfections can be corrected through modern dentistry treatments like dental veneers. A dental evaluation by Dr. Kosta Adams of Adams Dental Associates in Sacramento, California, can determine if veneers are a viable option for you.

What imperfections can dental veneers correct?

Veneers are incredibly versatile, making them a viable option for correcting many dental imperfections, including:

  • Chips or cracks on teeth
  • Stains and discolorations
  • Uneven teeth
  • Small gaps between teeth


If these problems keep you from showing off your pearly whites, dental veneers could be the treatment for you.

How veneers work to improve your smile

Dental veneers are thin porcelain or composite resin shells bonded onto your teeth to conceal imperfections and improve your smile’s appearance. Dr. Kosta Adams can customize the shape, color, and size of your veneers to match your natural teeth, so no one can tell you’ve had cosmetic treatment. In addition to hiding stains, chips, and cracks, veneers can alter the size and shape of your teeth to cover small gaps and make your teeth more even.


The first step in the dental veneers process is deciding what you want to achieve through your treatment. Then you’ll need to choose between porcelain or composite resin veneers. Composite veneers can often be bonded and sculpted onto your teeth in one visit for an instant fix. Porcelain veneers may take longer, as they require an impression of your teeth to be made, which is then sent to a lab for custom fabrication. The results, however, will be stunning!

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Cost of dental veneers

Dental veneers are more affordable than people think. The fact that they provide you with long-term, low maintenance (brushing, flossing, and routine cleaning), beautiful results make veneers a cost-effective option for perfecting your smile.

Dental veneers to perfect your smile in Sacramento, CA

Don’t let dental imperfections rob you of a show-stopping smile. Contact Adams Dental Associates in Sacramento, CA, today to learn more about the restorative properties of dental veneers. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Kosta Adams, call (916) 999-1302.

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Sacramento area dentists describe cosmetic dental veneer

An imperfect smile can make patients feel self-conscious about the way they look when they smile, laugh, and speak with others. By addressing these cosmetic smiles, patients in Sacramento can feel confident in their appearance which can boost self-esteem. Drs. Kosta J. Adams and Kristen J. Adams of the Sacramento area are here to help patients with a variety of restorative services including dental veneers.

Dental veneers are a popular option for disguising imperfections. When natural teeth are permanently stained, misaligned, broken, or unusually shaped, they can make a negative impact on the aesthetics of the smile. These teeth can be covered with dental veneers, which are thin porcelain shells custom-made to bond over the front of the tooth’s surface for long-term coverage. Many veneers can last a decade or longer when patients take good care of them. This requires daily oral health care habits such as brushing and flossing, as well as routine visits to the dentist for checkups and examinations.

Dental veneers are an affordable solution. They have many advantages including:



  • Longevity – dental veneers may last ten years or longer!


  • Strength – porcelain is a very strong material that can protect teeth


  • Beauty – porcelain is a beautiful material that looks just like a natural tooth enamel


  • Fast – dental veneers can be placed within just a few weeks


  • Minimal care – patients do not need to do anything special to maintain their dental veneers except brushing, flossing, and regular dental appointments.

Drs. Kosta J. Adams and Kristen J. Adams believe in providing patients with a wide range of solutions for every problem. In some cases, patients may be better suited for other restorative treatments such as dental bonding or porcelain crowns. Speaking with a dental professional about your initial concerns is the best way to determine the treatment for you. Contact the Sacramento team of Drs. Kosta J. Adams and Kristen J. Adams today to schedule a consultation visit and educate yourself on the many ways your smile can be rejuvenated or transformed. In many cases, dental veneers may be the chosen solution!

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Sacramento area dentist describes the cost of dental veneers

Drs. Kosta J. Adams and Kristen J. Adams of Sacramento are dentists who care about the smiles of their patients. They know that having a beautiful, healthy smile is important to both men and women. Their practice can address both appearance and health of the smile to ensure self-confidence.



There are a number of treatments available for cosmetic enhancement. This includes dental veneers, sometimes referred to as porcelain veneers. These facings are incredibly thin and can be bonded over the front surfaces of the natural teeth. They disguise issues including broken, stained, or unusually shaped teeth. Some patients use them in lieu of orthodontics, covering teeth that are spaced apart or misaligned. Using veneers is a personal choice and our team can help individuals in deciding if they are an appropriate choice for their specific desires.



Many patients who are deciding if these restorations are right for them are often concerned about the cost of dental veneers. Dental veneers are more of an investment than alternatives such as composite resin bonding. However, they can last a decade or longer and provide an extra layer of protection for the natural tooth. Porcelain veneers are made of strong, high-quality materials that resemble natural enamel, therefore blending in seamlessly with the smile.



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When it comes to dental insurance coverage, it is not common for insurance plans to cover the cost. This is because porcelain veneers are considered a cosmetic, elective procedure and not required for the health of the smile. However, thanks to financing plans with our front office team, patients can work out a monthly payment with our practice to help make procedures such as this much more affordable on even the tightest of budgets.



If you live in or around the Sacramento community and want to speak with Drs. Kosta J. Adams and Kristen J. Adams, contact their practice today at (916) 999-1302. The front office staff can take your information and set you up with an initial consultation appointment to discuss the advantages of using veneers and other cosmetic restorations to enhance the appearance of the smile quickly and affordably. We welcome new patients into our state-of-the-art dental facility.

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Sacramento area patients consider porcelain veneers treatment for imperfections of the smile

When imperfections keep the smile from looking its best, it is important to speak with patients about the benefits of using cosmetic dentistry to boost their appearance. Broken, stained, misaligned, or gapped teeth can be improved with either composite resin bonding or porcelain veneers. Treatment depends on the personal preference of our patients, but many will find that porcelain veneers to be the best solution for long-term repair.


Drs. Kosta J. Adams and Kristen J. Adams of Sacramento are dedicated professionals who believe porcelain veneers can greatly enhance the smile and provide patients with solutions that can last for years. Porcelain veneers are thin facings custom-made to bond over the front of teeth to cover imperfections that negatively detract from the smile’s appearance. Our team of professionals speaks with patients to help them decide if porcelain veneers are the best way to address issues, and if not, consider alternative solutions.

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Porcelain veneers are strong, beautiful, and a great investment. Treatment is quick and easy, allowing individuals to completely change their smiles in just a few weeks. The process begins with an evaluation. Patients contact the practice at (916) 999-1302 to schedule a visit with Drs. Kosta J. Adams and Kristen J. Adams. A discussion in regards to the imperfections patients want to address can lead to an explanation on the many options available. Patients can then make knowledgeable decisions in regards to the treatments that are most appropriate for their specific needs. If porcelain veneers are considered, then patients can start the preparation. Preparations require the removal of a thin portion of the enamel from the front of the teeth. Then, impressions are taken and sent to a dental laboratory to fabricate the new restorations. Temporary veneers are placed in the interim. Within a week or two, the porcelain veneers are sent to the practice and patients revisit the dental chair for bonding.


Patients considering porcelain veneer treatment are welcome to book an appointment with Drs. Kosta J. Adams and Kristen J. Adams by calling their practice.

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Sacramento dentist explains how to dramatically improve your smile with convenient porcelain veneers process

Drs. Kosta and Kristen Adams in Sacramento design veneers that are indistinguishable from natural healthy teeth. Skill and quality materials distinguish these dentists from their peers.



What to Expect: The Porcelain Veneers Process in Sacramento


Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain. This type of ceramic is used to replace worn or flawed tooth structure. After veneers have been deemed the appropriate way to cover stains, chips, gaps, or to reshape teeth, the doctors will prepare both the dental material, which will be your new tooth structure, as well as the surface of your tooth.



Preparing the Tooth


The veneers will be applied to the front of the treated teeth. To make room for this these thin sheets of porcelain, your enamel must be reduced. “Reduction” refers to removing a small amount of natural tooth enamel. Modern veneers require very little reduction of natural tooth structure for the most natural feel and look.



Preparing the Veneer


The process starts by taking impressions. These models of your mouth guide the design of the veneers, so they blend in well with the rest of your teeth. Impressions and any other information about your teeth will then be sent to Drs. Kosta and Kristen Adams’ trusted lab partners. These lab technicians will make veneers to your unique specifications.


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You will be fitted with temporary veneers as the lab makes your permanent set. Within one to three weeks, your new porcelain veneers will be sent to the office. You will then return for a second appointment, during which time the dentist will remove the temporary restorations and place the permanent ones. After checking for proper fit and appearance, the doctor will use premium bonding materials to cement the veneers for long-lasting durability and strength.


Start the process today by scheduling a consultation. Call (916) 999-1302.

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Sacramento dentists beautifully repair a tooth with a porcelain crown

It’s tempting to return a tooth to everyday function ASAP, but Drs. Kosta and Kristen Adams also consider long-term aesthetic and functional considerations with porcelain crown tooth repair in Sacramento.


The dental team wants you to be happy with the look of the treated tooth and with how it feels and works in your mouth. Many restorative options are as beautiful as they are functional, including:



  • Bonding
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Aesthetic crowns, bridges, and implants

The procedures treat a range of needs. Bonding and veneers address chips or cracks that can threaten the structure of the tooth. Cosmetic fillings can repair cavities. For patients with advanced decay, crowns rebuild a damaged tooth. They fit over the remaining healthy tooth structure like a cap fits your head.
For patients with tooth replacement needs, a dental bridge or implant is designed so you don’t have to live with gaps. The bridge is securely fixed to adjacent teeth as part of a multi-unit system, while the dental implant is designed to function like your tooth’s root. When placed in the underlying bone, it eventually fuses with the bone. After this process of osseointegration is complete, a connecting abutment is added and the crown is attached to this strong foundation.

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An important note on repairs

A big concern relates to the age of your restorations, be it fillings, bonding, veneers, or crowns. If restorative materials become worn, they are not effective at keeping out decay. Restorations such as veneers are very durable and stain-resistant but consistent, diligent oral hygiene and professional cleanings are important to keep them looking their best and functioning at their healthiest.
Don’t wait for concerns to become worse. If a tooth needs to be repaired for the first time or an old or worn restoration needs new life, call(916) 999-1302.

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Six oral issues that can be resolved by Affordable Dental Veneers in Sacramento CA

Did you know that healthy teeth can assist you to thrive longer? This is true because your dental health affects your general health. After all, there exists a systematic oral connection between the mouth and the body.
When an infection occurs in your mouth, the bacteria can be ferried through the bloodstream, affecting other parts of the body, aggravating one’s risk for debilitating ailments such as kidney, heart, diseases, oral cancer, and respiratory illnesses.


Through exercising proactiveness about your dental health, you can suppress the risk of these prevailing medical conditions and enhance your overall wellbeing. Are you being troubled by any form of oral health issues in Sacramento, CA? Worry no more because DR. Kosta Adams is committed to his practice to helping patients of all ages achieve and maintain optimum oral health through the utilization of Affordable Dental Veneers.



What are Dental Veneers?

These are fragile pieces of ceramics designed to improve the smile by concealing imperfections. They are cleverly fabricated to match existing teeth and bond directly to the tooth to mask misalignment, discoloration, and broken enamel. They are often an ideal solution, and they have become popular due to the outstanding versatility and simplicity.



Oral issues that can get resolved with Dental Veneers.

When people think about dental veneers, they think of them as being for cosmetic purposes only. But as a matter of fact, dental veneers do so much more for the health of your teeth and gums than that mere assumption.



  • Gaps between teeth.

Dental veneers can be placed over your teeth to mask the empty spaces between your teeth. Your dental veneers appear uniform in size, hiding any gaps in a natural-looking way.


  • Chips and worn areas.

The number of years you live in this world can take its toll on your teeth. Cracks, chips, and uneven wear cause degradation of one’s smile making you appear years older than you look. When your enamel gets eroded, it causes your teeth to be susceptible to destruction. Dental veneers, therefore, conceal any jagged or uneven edges on your teeth while shielding them against any damage.


  • Permanent stains.

Some prevailing stains cannot get removed through ordinary whitening treatment or cleaning. Exposure to medications such as tetracycline or excessive fluoride treatment can culminate in discoloration, turning your teeth dull, grey, or brown. Dental veneers hide the discoloration and thus restore your teeth to a naturally brilliant appearance.


  • Uneven misshaped teeth.

Naturally, some people have teeth that are uneven or irregular. Dental veneers transform your teeth to appear more uniform in shape and size, eradicating the appearance of too-narrow or too- short teeth or those with an irregular shape.


  • Slightly crooked teeth.

Dental veneers can be a magnificent way to fasten crooked teeth. The dental customed veneers can get tailored to even out your crooked teeth, thus giving them a straight and aligned appearance.


  • Tooth sensitivity.

Whatever you eat or drink can chip, stain, or wear down your teeth; therefore, can cause you to have loose enamel. Acidic foods, sodas, and alcoholic drinks can compromise your tooth enamel forcing your teeth to be more sensitive to hot or cold food or drinks. Additionally, your teeth may feel too weak for some hardened foods such as cassava and carrots, and the proliferation of cold air causes toothaches. Dental veneers provide a layer of protection for your teeth, preventing the soreness of tooth sensitivity and shielding the front part of your teeth where it is devoid of enamel.

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Are you a resident of Sacramento, CA suffering from troubling oral issues? Call Adams Dental Associates in Sacramento, CA at (916) 999-1302, to book an appointment. You will get outstanding and affordable dental veneers that are custom-made to complement the character of your smile.

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