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If you’re one of the millions of people searching for “tooth bonding near me,” we’ve got great news! Drs. Kosta Adams and Kristen Adams with the Adams Dental Associates team are experienced in providing outstanding care for patients in the Sacramento area. Their vast expert knowledge of dentistry also includes the latest teeth bonding treatments.

Teeth Bonding treatment For Teeth Gaps Near Me In, Sacramento, CA

What Precisely Is Teeth Bonding?

Instead of other domestic dental treatments such as porcelain veneers, teeth bonding is the ideal alternative patients can opt for instead. The bonding is a restorative procedure that dentists often use to address dental imperfections such as cracks, chips, gaps, discoloration, and misalignment.

How Does Teeth Bonding Work?

Teeth bonding begins with your dentist preparing your teeth for treatment. They will lightly etch the surface of your tooth enamel to ensure the tightest possible bond. Then they apply and set the bonding liquid before placing the plastic resin. The resin is then bonded onto the tooth using a special light.

As the resin hardens, they can reshape, trim, smooth, and polish it to produce the desired results. Once it’s polished, the material looks like natural tooth enamel, which allows it to blend beautifully with your other teeth, improving the look and function of your smile.

Tooth Bonding Versus Porcelain Veneers: Which is Better?

You can complete a full teeth bonding treatment in just one appointment, unlike other cosmetic dental treatments. Porcelain veneers often can take several visits to the dentist and the time needed for creating the restoration.

Plus, teeth bonding is faster and more affordable than porcelain veneers. That said, there are a few advantages porcelain veneers have over teeth bonding. For example, a plastic resin is more susceptible to breakage and staining than porcelain veneers or natural teeth. And they last on average four years before they need to either be repaired or replaced.

However, there are also many advantages teeth bonding has over porcelain veneers as well such as it’s easier to repair teeth bonding while porcelain veneers must be replaced if damaged.

Teeth bonding can be an excellent short-term or middle-ground solution for anyone who’s not ready to buy or doesn’t want to commit to having porcelain veneers made and set.

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The Best Candidates for Teeth Bonding

Tooth bonding is an excellent treatment for those with teeth that have only minor damage and not suffering from severe decay.

Dental crowns would be a better option for those who have lost a large part of a tooth.

Plus, tooth bonding is ideal for those already satisfied with the shade of their teeth. Those interested in whitening their teeth often need to do this before undergoing teeth bonding, as your dentist will choose a bond closer to the color of your teeth.


Before and After results of Teeth Bonding

The Before and After results of Teeth Bonding, Sacramento, CA

Renew Your Smile with Teeth Bonding

Learn more about how teeth bonding can restore your smile by calling Adams Dental Associates at (916) 999-1302 and schedule your appointment to meet with Drs. Kosta Adams and Kristen Adams. Our office is located at 3 Scripps Drive, Suite 200, Sacramento, CA.

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