Dentist in Sacramento, CA answers, what is professional teeth whitening?

Drs. Kosta and Kristen Adams of Adams Dental Associates in Sacramento, CA are dentists available to help patients with achieving a beautiful smile. With cosmetic services such as professional teeth whitening, patients can brighten their smiles quickly and easily with the help of their dentist.

Sacramento CA dentists answer – What is professional teeth whitening

What is professional teeth whitening?

While most drugstores offer solutions for a brighter smile in the form of toothpaste, strips, and trays, nothing compares to the smile achieved with professional products. At Adams Dental Associates, our team provides two methods of whitening that can be used to enhance the smile by pulling deep, dark staining from natural tooth enamel. These include:

  • Zoom! professional whitening – with the Zoom! whitening kit, patients will have custom trays made for the top, bottom, or both dental arches. These fit tightly over the natural teeth and allow for the supplied professional-grade whitening gels to sufficiently pull stains from the smile. The whitening trays and gel are used daily to achieve a gradual brightening of the teeth. Once the desired whitening is reached, patients use the trays as needed to maintain the results.
  • Opalescence in-office whitening – patients seeking immediate results may ask about the benefits of Opalescence in-office whitening. This professional method of brightening the smile uses a whitening gel that is applied by the dentist. Within an hour, patients can leave the office with a bright, new smile to share with others. This treatment offers faster results but does cost more than the traditional tray system achieved with Zoom! professional whitening method.

Is professional whitening permanent?

As great as it would be to achieve permanent results with professional teeth whitening, this cannot be done. This is because of the foods and beverages that patients consume that can stain the teeth. This may cause the whitening results to fade over time. To maintain the whitening results, patients will need to have routine treatments performed. Touch-up treatments may include a single appointment at the dental office or a series of whitening with the Zoom! whitening system trays at home. When patients need more gel, they are welcome to ask their dentist about refills to continue to brighten the smile.

Are there risks associated with professional teeth whitening?

Because professional whitening products are incredibly concentrated when compared to over-the-counter treatments, there may be an increased risk of sensitivity that can occur. Additionally, irritation of the gums may happen. Both concerns are temporary and will no longer be present after completing the treatment. Patients who experience side effects of whitening can consult with their dentist to determine what changes can be made to reduce the sensitivity of the teeth or irritation of the soft tissues.

Will my insurance cover whitening procedures?

Because tooth whitening is an elective, cosmetic procedure, dental insurance companies do not provide coverage. However, if you are interested in finding ways to make treatment more affordable, we welcome you to speak to our front office team about arranging a payment plan.

Am I a candidate for teeth whitening treatments?

Professional teeth whitening is a simple and effective way of brightening the smile. However, not everyone is a viable candidate for treatment. Patients who have existing fillings or restorations in the mouth, including dental crowns, porcelain veneers, and bridges, will have to consider the replacement of these restorations to match their newly whitened smile. This can increase the overall cost of the procedure. The ingredients in the professional whitening products will not impact porcelain restorations, only the natural enamel, which can cause the restoration to look dark and dull after professional whitening is completed.

Can professional whitening damage the teeth?

There are concerns from many of our patients that professional whitening products can damage the nerves of the tooth. No studies have been able to show that this is a concern. When administered and monitored by our professional team, patients can rest easy that their procedure is not only effective but safe for their smile!

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Where can I learn more about professional whitening?

Patients in Sacramento, CA who are interested in learning more about professional whitening results are welcome to request an appointment with the team at Adams Dental Associates. Drs. Kosta and Kristen Adams provide a wide selection of services for new and existing patients in their practice, located at 3 Scripps Drive, Ste. 200. Call (916) 999-1302 today to learn more about professional whitening solutions available in our practice, including Zoom! and Opalescence.


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