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Smile Makeovers combine many different procedures in our Sacramento area practice

Smile Makeovers Sacramento , Dr. Kosta J. Adams, Adams Dental Associates At the practice of Drs. Kosta J. Adams and Kristen J. Adams, we fully understand the benefits of a beautiful, healthy smile, and know that many of our patients are interested in achieving them! This is why our practice is fully equipped to help Sacramento area patients with a wide range of treatments, from general dentistry to restorative solutions. When patients are interested in complete smile makeovers, transforming the appearance, health, and function of their smiles, our team is here to help!

A smile makeover is a complete dental treatment plan that incorporates a wide range of solutions to assist in making positive enhancements to the smile. We evaluate the smiles of our patients, ask them what they want to achieve with their treatments, and then develop a treatment plan that can assist in making their dream smile a reality!

Each dental plan is different because of the unique situation every patient is faced with. However, below is a sample of the dental treatments that may be used in achieving a smile makeover:

Brightening the smile is sometimes the first step in cosmetic dentistry, as it sets the stage for all the restorations that may be placed to ensure they match.

Dental implants
Missing teeth may be replaced with dental implants, which are best for single tooth replacements. In other situations, dental implants may be put in place to stabilize dentures or anchor dental bridges.

Dental crowns
Covering broken, chipped, or otherwise damaged teeth with a dental crown can offer another layer of protection while improving appearance and function.

Dental bridges
Bridges can be used in replacing one or more teeth within the dental arch and they are made of quality porcelain.

In situations when patients have extensive overcrowding or poor bite alignment, we may suggest using orthodontics to move the teeth into a more desirable alignment.

Dental bonding
This composite resin material is applied to teeth, shaped, hardened, and polished to look like natural tooth enamel, and is best for repairing broken teeth or covering gaps between teeth.

Porcelain veneers
Veneers are ceramic facings that are custom made and bonded over the front of teeth to cover problem areas.

Dr. Kosta Adams Profile
Adams Dental Associates in Sacramento, CA considers patients’ smiles as their first priority, and offers a range of services that are geared towards making patients feel attractive and confident. Dr. Kosta Adams has decades of experience and expertise. Dr. Kristen Adams has enhanced the practice with her expertise in restorative, periodontal, cosmetic and implant dentistry.

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