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Comprehensive dental implants services in Sacramento, CA

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Dr. Kosta uses in-house CT scanning technology to develop a precise strategy.
Dental implants have become the preferred tooth replacement option for their reliable function, natural appearance, and long-lasting benefits. While implants may be used to anchor a dental bridge or stabilize a denture, an estimated 80 to 90 percent are single-unit restorations. Yet many people find themselves visiting two or more dental practices for completion of treatment. Patients of Adams Dental Associates get the convenience of all phases of implantation at one familiar office, with services performed by one of the few Master Dentists in the Sacramento, CA area.

Straightforward steps to a restored smile

Planning, placing, and restoring a dental implant is a complex, technical task. From the patient’s perspective, though, steps in the procedure are clear-cut and predictable.

Complete dental implants services in Sacramento, CA include:

  • Extraction - With the option of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or oral conscious sedation, removal of a damaged tooth is atraumatic. We handle all but extremely complex extractions.
  • Bone grafting - To ensure adequate bone to protect sinuses and anchor a dental implant, or to preserve bone immediately after an extraction, grafting may be advised. This involves supplementing bone with a synthetic or allograft material that becomes part of the bony ridge.
  • Implant placement - For a stand-alone restoration, this is usually done after the extraction site has healed. (In some cases, an implant can be placed and “loaded” with a temporary restoration immediately, to avoid a gap in your smile.) Placement is the most critical element of implant success. Dr. Kosta uses in-house CT scanning technology to develop a precise strategy. Implantation is computer-guided, and the procedure is brief. It leaves only a small soft tissue incision that may not even require sutures.
  • Abutment - When bone has fused with the implant - usually within four months - a tiny post is inserted. This abutment supports the final restoration.
  • Crown - Another set of impressions is taken so that the doctor may design you new tooth - a beautiful porcelain crown. It is screw-retained or cemented in place for a restored smile and many years of chewing function.

Call Adams Dental Associates at (916) 999-1302. to schedule a free dental implant consultation.

Dr. Kosta Adams Profile
Adams Dental Associates in Sacramento, CA considers patients’ smiles as their first priority, and offers a range of services that are geared towards making patients feel attractive and confident. Dr. Kosta Adams has decades of experience and expertise. Dr. Kristen Adams has enhanced the practice with her expertise in restorative, periodontal, cosmetic and implant dentistry.

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