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Dr. Adams senior has every credential one can think of for any kind of dental need. From braces to surgery to Everything! He's Dental artist! He not only fixed and recapped all the back teeth with new improved materials but was the only one who really fixed and lined up the bite to a perfect fit. I have seen his implant work..... Amazing.

Dental Implants Dental implants are made of a unique metal called TITANIUM. This metal has the unique property of sticking to the bone. An implant is like a “fence post” that is placed in the bone where the missing tooth used to be. After a period of time (4-6 months), the implant has now become “stuck” to the bone with an extremely strong bond. Now we can put a crown on this post and it is just like your tooth was completely and magically replaced. It’s a miracle. The advantage to using an implant is that the neighboring teeth do not have to be cut down and prepared for crowns on either side of the missing tooth space. This is what needs to be done to place a bridge (the second best choice if an implant is not placed).

Video: Implant Dentistry with Dr. Adams

Sacramento, CA dentist Kosta J. Adams, DDS MAGD FICOI discusses today's implant dentistry.

How can implants help me?

Most implants are placed where there are one or more missing teeth. Teeth perhaps lost from periodontal (gum/bone) disease or because there wasn’t enough remaining tooth structure to restore the tooth with any predictable longevity. Most implants are placed where a tooth that had been treated with root canal treatment is now lost. Root canal treatment is a great service that can “save” a tooth for many years but eventually can fail. When a single tooth is lost, the best replacement treatment is an implant. Many people have lost multiple teeth and are now wearing full or partial dentures. These appliances have been the standard for multiple tooth replacement for years. This is the best dentistry had to offer. The problems have been loose, ill-fitting appliances that get food collecting under and in between them. We now have an answer for those who have been suffering for years with these appliances.

Implants can now be used to replace full or partial dentures. Some patients are happy just to have a denture that is not mobile and fits well enough so they can chew their food. Implants can be used to provide extra retention to a loose ill-fitting denture. Probably the group of dental patients that have been helped the most with dental implants has been those who have suffered with a lower full denture. These people finally have a method of holding this appliance in place without using “glue” to give the illusion of success. IMPLANTS CAN NOW HOLD THIS APPLIANCE IN PLACE WITH GREAT CONFIDENCE SO THAT IT WILL NOT MOVE OR DISLODGE WHEN EATING OR SPEAKING…. It’s a miracle!

What do implants cost?

The cost of implants can vary from as little as $1,000 -$5,000 per implant. This is dependent on many factors. For example, it would depend on what type of implant is used and what type of components would be required for your specific needs and your individual choice of materials (gold, porcelain, or plastic). People who don’t have enough bone are not prevented from having implants. WHY? Because of another miracle! We can now grow bone in your jaw and add extra bone to prepare for the placement of an implant. This of course adds additional cost and time to the treatment. Most people do have adequate bone. At least we have a way to help everyone who wishes to have implant treatment for tooth replacement.

A special x-ray of the jawbone is required so we can study the amount of bone that is present as well the quality of bone. Based on this examination we can determine what course of action would be best to achieve your individual goals.

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