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Sacramento area dentists describe cosmetic dental implants

Cosmetic Dental Implants , Dr. Kosta J. Adams, Adams Dental Associates When patients visit the practice of Drs. Kosta J. Adams and Kristen J. Adams, they often want to learn about the ways of restoring their smiles when dealing with lost or extracted natural teeth. There are several restoration options available for Sacramento area patients, but the most commonly suggested cosmetic dentistry method is that of dental implants.

Dental implants act as tooth roots. Made of titanium, these special posts are surgically implanted into the bone of the jaw. This is how the implant derives its strength and stability. Over the course of several weeks, osseointegration occurs. This is the process of the bone fusing to the implant. Once this has occurred and the implant is firmly in place, an abutment is placed over the top as well as a dental crown. Some patients use implants to hold bridges and dentures.

Dental implants are the best way to repair a smile after tooth loss or extraction. However, not everyone is an appropriate candidate. Candidates must have sufficient jawbone. Patients who have been missing teeth for some time may experience the disintegration of bone. These patients may want to consider a procedure called bone grafting to build up the bone to the point where it can hold a dental implant. To determine if patients can undergo the dental implant procedure, they must have a thorough examination done by Drs. Kosta J. Adams and Kristen J. Adams, during which x-rays will be completed to check bone stability and placement.

Dental implants have a wide variety of benefits. They are:
  • Strong and stable
  • Used to disperse chewing forces to the jawbone
  • Beautiful and natural-looking
  • Long-lasting (typically over the course of one's lifetime)
  • Permanent, not removable
  • Easy to care for
  • Used to maintain bone
  • The best value over time
Patients in and around the Sacramento area are invited to visit the practice of Drs. Kosta J. Adams and Kristen J. Adams to find out if dental implants are the ideal situation for them. Patients who want a solution to their tooth loss can ask about implants and determine if they are the best fit for their lifestyle and budget.

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Adams Dental Associates in Sacramento, CA considers patients’ smiles as their first priority, and offers a range of services that are geared towards making patients feel attractive and confident. Dr. Kosta Adams has decades of experience and expertise. Dr. Kristen Adams has enhanced the practice with her expertise in restorative, periodontal, cosmetic and implant dentistry.

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