A Dental Implants Dentist Can Replace Missing Teeth for a Lifetime

If you have a lost a tooth, you may want to ignore it. The problem arises when the untreated gap morphs into oral complications like a misaligned bite, bone loss, shifting of adjacent teeth, and altered speech. Furthermore, the change in your bite balance may put a strain on your jaw muscles, triggering jaw and facial pain.
Luckily, if you have a lost a tooth, you can book an appointment with Adams Dental Associates of Sacramento, California, for replacement. We offer high-quality dental implants that replace your teeth for life!

Dentist For Dental Implants near me In, Sacramento California

Dental implants procedure

Before Dr. Kosta Adams gives you the go-ahead for dental implants, he will evaluate your mouth to establish that you have sufficient and healthy bone to support an implant. If you have insufficient bone, bone grafting may be necessary.


If you are a perfect candidate for implants, here is what to expect.

  • Surgery: Under anesthesia and probably sedation, your dentist inserts the implant post (titanium screw) deep into the jawbone. The implant post acts as the tooth root and holds the artificial tooth in place to replace your missing tooth.
  • Healing: After placement, it will take several months for the surgical site to heal. During this period, a critical process called osseointegration takes place, where the biocompatible titanium screw fuses with the jawbone to form a sturdy anchorage for crowns and other prosthetics.
  • Fitting: When the implant post successfully fuses with the jawbone, an abutment will be fitted to support a crown, bridges, or dentures. After this process, you are now ready to walk away with a tooth that acts and feels so natural.
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Benefits of implant-based restorations

Dental implants are the gold standard for teeth replacement because they:

  • Last for a lifetime with proper care
  • Prevent sunken-in face appearance
  • Prevent adjacent teeth from shifting
  • Restores your smile and confidence
  • Implants are easy to maintain
  • Preserve bone health
  • Restores biting ability

Dental Implants near me

Are you looking for a permanent fix for your missing teeth? Dial (916) 999-1302 to book an appointment with Adams Dental Associates. Dr. Kosta Adams will explain the ins and outs of implant-based restorations, including the functional and aesthetic benefits they offer for your oral health.

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