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Fluoride is an important element to keeping the smile healthy. A healthy smile is one that is free from cavities and periodontal disease. It is vibrant and builds confidence. A smile is seen regularly by the dentist to ensure optimum health. Drs. Kosta J. Adams and Kristen J. Adams of Sacramento offer fluoride treatments for patients who are serious about their dental health and wellness.

Fluoride Treatments Sacramento: The best fluoride treatments for cavities is offered by Dr.Kosta Adam’s dentistry in Sacramento


Fluoride is a mineral that is naturally occurring in many foods. Minerals are lost and restored over the course of time to the enamel of the tooth through demineralization and remineralization. This process can be maintained to a proper level with fluoride applications from a dentist.


Dentists may suggest fluoride applications for patients who are at a higher risk of developing cavities and periodontal disease. It is mostly used on children and teenagers between the ages of 6 and 16. However, patients of all ages can benefit from fluoride treatments or the addition of fluoride through alternative means such as mouth rinses and toothpaste available over-the-counter.


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Fluoride can be applied by a dentist in a variety of ways including gels, varnish, or foams. These have a higher level of fluoride than alternative applications including fluoride added to toothpaste and mouthwashes. They are applied directly to the teeth to offer an extra layer of protection. Some patients may even be advised to consider fluoride supplements that can be taken orally as a prescription medication. This can be determined during a visit with Drs. Kosta J. Adams and Kristen J. Adams to find out what fluoride delivery method is most appropriate based on patient needs.


If you live in or around the Sacramento area, Drs. Kosta J. Adams and Kristen J. Adams encourage you to take the time to learn about the advantages of applying fluoride through extra methods outside of toothpaste and mouthwashes. We recommend patients take the time to book an appointment at our practice and ask about the benefits of fluoride treatments through a dedicated dental professional to protect against periodontal diseases and cavities.

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