Sacramento area patients can receive immediate dental care for a knocked tooth at our practice

High impact sports can increase the risk of dental problems, especially that of a knocked-out tooth. Drs. Kosta J. Adams and Kristen J. Adams of Sacramento are dental professionals who have helped patients with immediate dental care for a variety of situations. They are dedicated to assisting others in maintaining dental health and also providing them options when the unthinkable occurs.

Immediate Dental Care For Tooth Sacramento: Adams Dental Associates is the best emergency care in Sacramento


Trauma is often the reason why a tooth may be knocked out of the mouth. This can happen at any time and should be handled appropriately when it occurs. Patients should have an emergency dentist on their side for situations such as this, someone whom they can call for an appointment. However, many patients are unsure of what to do with their tooth in the meantime.


A knocked-out tooth should be handled in a certain way to improve the chances of saving it. First off, the tooth should only be touched by the crown and not the root. This is if the tooth can be found. Once obtained, it should be gently washed with water and repositioned into the socket if possible. The tooth should not be cleaned by any other means, including soap or chemicals. Patients should avoid scrubbing the tooth, allowing it to become dry, or wrapping it in cloth or tissue. This reduces the chance for replacement. Keep the tooth moist in the original socket, or place it in milk or emergency tooth preservation kits such as Save-a-Tooth®.


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Once the tooth has been replaced in the mouth or has been stored in milk or preservation liquids, patients should visit their dentist within 30 minutes from the time of trauma. This can improve the chances of saving the tooth. Drs. Kosta J. Adams and Kristen J. Adams should be contacted as soon as the incident occurs for an emergency appointment, and the above steps should be taken before visiting.


A knocked-out tooth is just one of many dental emergencies but is common when patients do not take preventative measures for protecting their smiles during high-impact sports. Patients who are going to be active in these kinds of sports should speak with their dentist about the use of a special mouth guard for optimum

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